Getting Support during this exciting but challenging time can make or break your journey into motherhood.

Create your success circle! Whether you are joining a Facebook group or meeting with a local group of ladies in a similar stage to you. Find some support to help ease you into this tough transition in your life. Below you will find a list of local (to Peterborough, ON) groups and resources, as well as online for all stages of pregnancy, postnatal and mom + baby. Just a reminder that although many of these programs do cost, you don’t need to spend money to find support. See the FREE labels next to the ones that don’t cost. ALSO, CHECK OUT MY FREE POSTPARTUM PLANNING GUIDE FOR SOME MORE TIPS AND IDEAS TO OPTIMIZE YOUR POSTPARTUM EXPERIENCE ——–>


Local (Peterborough) + Online Resources

Local to Peterborough

(FREE) Kawartha Midwives

(FREE) PIPC (Partners in Pregnancy) Maternity care

Hello Baby! Doulas, prenatal classes, babywearing and breastfeeding classes, new parent club.

Serenity Doula Care – Pre and postnatal doula’s and support.

Pelvic Floor physio (Holistic Health Physio and Pulse

Prenatal Yoga at the Willow Studio

Prenatal Education Classes (Kelly Swift, Public Health unit (FREE), Hello Baby! )

Prenatal Massage (Kelly Swift)


Online / Books

Willow at Home – All about the Pelvic Floor. Videos on what it is, why it’s important and exercise classes designed to strengthen the PF and/or prepare it for birth and postpartum. 

Expectful – Prenatal and Postpartum meditation app (specific to your trimester).

Hypnobirthing – (Many different programs online) to prepare for birth.

Jessie Mundell’s Core and Floor Restore pre and postnatal exercise program.

(FREE) Spinning Babies (Loads of Information on getting baby in optimal birthing position, or positions for childbirth.)

The Fourth Trimester – Book on preparing for postpartum

Brianna Battles – Content and course designed for pregnancy and postpartum athleticism.

(FREE) Girls Gone Strong Videos – Pre and Postnatal Exercise modifications, and introduction to the Connection Breath.



Local (Peterborough) + Online Resources

Local to Peterborough

(FREE) Postpartum Mood Disorder Counselling with Erin Brown through the POP clinic 705-743-2121 x 2235.

(FREE) Not What I Expected Postpartum support group through Peterborough Child and Family Centers.

Postpartum Yoga and Strength classes

(FREE) La leche League Breastfeeding Support Groups

(FREE) Breastfeeding Support (PRHC and Peterborough Child & Family Centres)

Online / Books / Podcasts

(FREE) My blog post  with postpartum tips

Willow at Home – All about the Pelvic Floor. Videos on what it is, why it’s important and exercise classes designed to strengthen the PF and/or prepare it for birth and postpartum. 

(FREE) Facebook breastfeeding group 

The Fourth Trimester – Book on preparing for postpartum by Kimberly Johnson

POP UP – A program specific to women experiencing pelvic organ prolapse

(FREE) Expectful Podcast – Specifically this episode about Healing, Trauma and Postpartum with Kimberly  Johnson

(FREE) Yoga, Birth, Babies Podcast – episode with Anita Lambert all about pelvic floor awareness during pregnancy and postpartum.

(FREE) Atomic Moms ep. 231 – The Mother’s Transformative Journey.


 Baby + Mom Resources

Local (Peterborough) + Online Resources

Local to Peterborough

Play cafe (baby and mom support group, drop-in and play, baby development programs)

(FREE) Peterborough Child & Family Centres (lots of support groups or baby related programs)

(FREE) Peterborough Library programs

Cute as a Button used clothing store for babies. everything under $4.99!

Online / Books / Podcasts

(FREE)Bump to baby Facebook group

Sprout Right – all about nutrition for pregnant mom and babies first foods.

Megan Garcia – Babies first foods online program



Postpartum Tips

A few things to think about

The postpartum time is intense to say the least, the less you have to do and worry about during this time, the better. I learned this the hard way, trying to do EVERYTHING with my first daughter. During my second pregnancy I planned for as much help as possible to make my second postpartum experience a little easier, leaving me to sleep and enjoy my baby as much as I could. Here are a couple suggestions that helped me:

Meal prep services (like Hello Fresh, Goodfood or Yumm). This can be pricey, but totally worth it, or recruit a family member to help prepare you weekly meals. Also consider a grocery pick-up service like Superstore or Walmart.

Hire a weekly housecleaner for the first few months or ask a friend or family member if you’re comfortable with that.

Take all the help you can get from family / friends to come and watch your baby while you sleep or take any older children out for an afternoon.

◊ Hire a postpartum doula for help with yourself and newborn. 

◊ Join a local baby/mom group or baby exercise class.

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