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Why Nuts are Better Than Supplements

Why Nuts are Better Than Supplements

While our soil is so depleted and lacking the vitamins and minerals out body needs, we find ourselves turning to supplements to get the vitamins and minerals we are lacking in our diet. While I believe supplements and vitamins have their place, there is a lot that you...

About Lia

Holistic Nutrition / Yoga Instructor / Mama

Lia is passionate about supporting women through their journey into motherhood. Being a mother of two little ones herself, she recognizes how critical this time can be in a woman’s life, and wants to help smooth her transition with Nutritional and Emotional support. She feels that through nutrition, you can not only support the health of the body, but also the mind and mental well-being.

Lia lives in Peterborough with her husband and two small girls. She is currently studying to complete her Diploma in Holistic Nutrition, while starting up the Nourishing Mothers Platform and Blog, and teaches Pre and Post-natal yoga on the side.

Not sure how you can plan for a successful postpartum?

Maybe you’re pregnant with your first child and unsure how you can plan for a successful postpartum period. Perhaps you are in that phase now with a newborn and feel like it’s not quite what you were expecting. I offer some simple tips and extra resources whether you are still pregnant or newly postpartum. This FREE PDF can be a great guide to get started. It is my goal to educate women as much as possible so they can tailor their expectations and create a more positive postpartum experience for themselves and their family.


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what is nourishing mothers?

Nourishing Mothers is a platform where I will be sharing useful information via blog articles and social media posts on different aspects of nutrition and health related to women in the perinatal stages of their lives. I am hoping to inspire, lift up, and support mothers and mothers-to-be with simple, nutritional and wellness information.

Nourishing Mother’s website will eventually evolve to include free information products, and nutritional service packages (once I am a certified Holistic Nutritionist).

While I am studying, it will serve as a place where I can share new and relevant information (related to Nutrition, Yoga, and overall well-being) while staying connected with this beautiful community of Mamas.

i need some one-on-one attention now.

If you need more specified nutritional support right now, a few Nutritionists or Naturopahs I follow and feel confident sending others to for advice or consulting: Jillian Murphy (for Children and Women), Sweet Simple Nutrition, Erin Holt Health (for women), Meghan Garcia (for baby).


Is Lia a certified Nutritionist?

Lia is currently studying to complete her Diploma from a CANNP, IONC, NANP accredited Canadian school in Holistic Nutrition. Once she has graduated, she will be offering one-on-one consultations and more information products as a certified Holistic Nutritionist.

When will Lia be offering one-on-one consultations?

When she is a certified Holistic Nutritionist in late 2020 or early 2021. She will be specializing in Nutrition during Preconception, Prenatally, Postpartum and for Infants. Until then, she will be sharing loads of beneficial information and building a community. Stay tuned for the exciting evolution of Nourishing Mothers!



All of the information found on the Nourishing Mothers website and social media is for educational purposes only. Use this website (including blog articles) as a resource only and PLEASE take any health concerns you are having to your health care practitioner. Be advised that the information I use to write my blog articles are based on the most up-to-date studies I can find at the time of publication. Due to the ever-changing and constantly updating field of research, you may come across information that contradicts the nature of my articles. While I pride myself in keeping up-to-date with research, I can’t be aware of all the relevant studies, so would love it of you send me any updated studies or information. Thank you for allowing me to be part of your health and wellness journey, and thank you in advance for any feedback.

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